Monday, November 22, 2010

Dean Shareski: Blogging "makes" better teachers.

Another great post by Dean Shareski "How To Make Better Teachers".
His idea is clear and simple: use a blog, to connect with others, to tell them about what you are doing, to learn with and from others and also to show your students you are ready to go through the experience yourself. It is also an excellent way so as to leave trail of your daily activities, efforts, achievements, reflections and more.
There is a whole community of teachers ready to learn and share with you, so take the plunge and get a blog :-)

How to Make Better Teachers

If you still have doubts, here's a great example of two teachers 565 miles apart who share their class experiences in this blog. So, if you think you are not ready to go alone, grab a friend and jump in hand in hand!

Two Writing Teachers

In my case, my blog is the place where I record my ideas, think with others, keep track of interesting material I come across. Closest thing to a box or folder where I keep my material, nowadays you'd call it my Personal Learning Space (PLS).
Some more ideas and links. Feel free to add your comments.

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